Black Dome came to fruition out of the desire of several people in key filmmaking departments to come together and create a company that handles as much facets of production as possible.
We offer pre-production art solutions, principal photography organizing and equipment, as well as post production solutions, including animation and visual effects. We also pride ourselves at being the only company capable of handling VFX simulations such as smoke, fire, water and heavy crowds.





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We offer a wide range of services for both big and small productions.


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Cash Rebate Support is a state aid scheme consisting of non -reimbursable financial allocations, up to 35% of the eligible Romanian expense, with an additional 10% for promoting Romania using locations. With a budget around 50 million Euro, the cash rebate support runs multi annual between 2018 and 2020.

Who can benefit from?

The cash rebate is accorded for the short, medium and long feature fiction film, television series, films intended for direct video or internet distribution or any type of support, artistic documentaries, animations movies. Also, the cash rebate is granted for service productions-based on an agreement with Romanian service provider, co-productions, European or international, based on an agreement with a Romania co-producer and for Romanian Movies.

Which are the eligibility criteria?

The films must accomplish the cultural test criteria (minimum 18 points scored in the “cultural product” eligibility test), exactly like to other Regarding the additional 10% of cash rebate, the Romanian territory can be identify by being verbally and visually marked, 60% of the subject shall happens on Romanian territory, some Romanian actors must be included in the cast and in the film must appear Romanian locations. The maximum financial allocation for the production is 10 million Euro, and 100.000 Euro spend locally. Regarding the budget spend in Romania, that can be minimum 20% and maximum 80% of the whole budget of the project . European cultural tests.

Which are the eligible expenses?

Eligible expense is considered any taxes, salary or payment who is directly connected to the implementation of the eligible project for employees or collaborators who are taxable in Romania. An other eligible payment is  the payment for services that are necessary for the project implementation and that are offered by the legal entities, that are fiscal residents of Romania and offer services on Romanian territory, with their registered office in Romania.

How simple is the procedure?

The first step is to register the application form and the  necessary documentation to obtain an Applicant’s Certificate.  The procedure for emitting the Applicant’s Certificate lasts  around 35- 40 days and if the project is eligible will be signed an agreement for financial support. It takes around  130 – 160 days to receive the cash rebate after submitting a payment request. No later than 20 days from the project’s last expense on Romanian territory, but no later than 2 years after receiving  the Applicant’s Certificate, the applicant has to fill a payment request accompanied by an audit report certifying the amount of eligible expense made on the territory of Romania.

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